About us

We are a small team with common vision and mission to accept the challenge of simplifying the learning process which is getting complex day by day. For past three years we are non-stop working hard day and night, especially in corona period. we were fully obsessed in discussing, designing, testing and improving to build the dream platform of Lurnify and faced many challenges. But, finally we did it!


Proper blend of elements of fun, motivation, micro-learning, feedback, test practice and gamification makes our learning platform Lurnify, a unique product and separates from the rest. Lurnify adds such dimensions that simply cannot be duplicated in the online or offline classroom Programs but it works like magic as additional support . 


Lurnify team has taken pledge to keep on improving, updating, understanding the learners pain points and implementing the user feedback till it becomes the best Positive Addictive product of the world.