Be a Lurnifighter to be eligible for 80+ Crores Reward pool

Trusted By more than 1000+ Learners


Lurnify Features 

  • Lurnifighter Club Discount (50 Cr*)
  • Referral Reward (20 Cr*)
  • AIR Reward - JEE Mains / Adv. & Neet UG (12 Cr*)
  • Compensation Award (1 Cr*)


4 Weeks for being Lurnifighter !

The Ultimate Reward Path 


1. Complete weekly Challenge 

Accept weekly challenge on Monday and complete to get rewards .


2. Refer a Friend 

Use referral code to add your friend in your learning group and help him become lurnifighter.


3. Pay Due Fee

Pay and small amount of due dee that is adjusted against all your rewards earned till date.


4. Now You Are a Lurnifighter Badge Holder

It makes you eligible for rewards of 50 Cr*  pool and a smart learner